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About Canada
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About Canada

Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Provinces are British Colombia, Alberta, the Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, New Scotland, the Island of Edward's Prince and New Foundland and the Labrador. Territories are Jukon, North-western Territories and Nunavut. Every province has its own, specially planned program named the Program of the Nomination of the Province (PNP) which determines categories of the most desired immigrants. In general supplementing deficiencies on the labour market in individual provinces is aimed at PNP. About PNP it is possible to find more information, clicking on links placed on the left.

In Canada a diversity knows its own worth, and border of country are open for people from other states and cultures. Both the Canadian government, and numerous private organizations offer the practical support and are motivating new-arrived inhabitants of the country. In every Canadian city emigrants with the higher probability will find the community of representatives of their cultural and national legacy which willingly are helping read possibilities offered by Canada and her residents.

By the initial mood of the idyll the time of the fight against adversities of the everyday day is coming. Problems can turn up at the communication or the difficulty in understanding other persons. Emigrants can hear remarks causing that they will feel unnecessary and unsuited for living in the new country. An awareness that isn't oneself is very important and the majority of new-arrived persons has feeling the rejection.

In such moments a contact with people and organizations which supporting in dealing emotions with and the help in facing up to great possibilities standing before everyone offer is much-needed with emigrant. Many organizations are helping emigrants deal with as amended in their life, overcoming negative emotions and making practical best choices in the new country... (Link to the side "Organizations offering the help for emigrants".)