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  Less immigrants coming to Ireland
Reducing the number of Polish immigrants coming to Ireland. In the first quarter of this year. social security numbers in 1815 were granted to Poles, 40 percent. less than in the first quarter of last year - announced the Ministry of Pensions.

Following the opening of the Irish labor market from the first day of accession to the European Union, including Polish in May 2004, Ireland came close to half a million immigrants from new EU countries, of which about 55 percent. Poles. The current trend points to a clear slowdown in the influx of immigrants. The main reason is the deep recession that began in mid-2008 and missed sectors of the economy where many workers were immigrants, especially the construction industry.

In Ireland in the last three years, the unemployment rate rose steadily, reaching 13 percent in March, working people. This implies a significant deterioration in employment prospects for immigrants. Unofficial reports suggest that much of the Poles re-emigrated from Ireland to other countries or returned to Polish, but most, if you lost a job, decided to wait out the recession by using the various retraining programs.
Throughout 2009, the individual social security numbers (ie PPS) allows to account for the tax office to access and entitlement to benefits received 13 794 Poles, almost three times less than a year earlier. Total immigrants from the 10 new EU member states accepted 1 May 2004 and Bulgaria and Romania were issued last year 29 421 of PPS numbers compared with 66,942 for 2008

An exception to this downward trend are Lithuanians and Latvians, which in the first quarter of this year, PPS numbers were issued more than a year earlier. A spokeswoman for the Irish Council for Immigrants, quoted in the media, said that despite the difficult labor market, immigrants continue to come under the family reunification or in order to take jobs unattractive to the Irish. In the same period by 25 percent. decreased the number of Britons applying for PPS numbers.

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