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  Working as carer in the UK and other European countries
Carer is a profession, whose future is certainly not compromised. You can safely say that this is a profession with a future! Over the next several decades people trained in this direction certainly will not have a problem finding a job not only in Poland but also across Europe. Carer is a fairly broad concept, this group of professional specialists include the following: carer of elderly and chronically ill, carer of disabled people, babysitter (au pair), carer of children with autism or carer of people with intellectual disabilities. From this group of occupations, particularly popular are trips abroad as an au pair and the care assistant of the elderly. This is due to meet peak demand for these professionals. This is due to rapidly aging European population. Each of the above mentioned professions different from their assigned duties, requirements for becoming a candidate, the amount of remuneration and the country where work is possible.

The common denominator that connects these games is that knowledge of a foreign country where you are going to work. Knowledge should be within the limits of communicative use it. Why is placed on this aspect so enormous pressures? Just work supervisor is working with people with whom you communicate, you need to know how to talk.

Most people leaving to work in this profession has previous experience in a similar position at work, and education received in this direction. Obviously, the more experience and qualifications, the salary is adequate to them.
Carer of the elderly and chronically ill

The fastest employment in this profession can be found in the UK, Germany and Ireland. In other countries, also awaits the work in this profession, but to receive it brings about more problems or formalities. The conclusion of the contract is usually a year, of course, the possibility of renewal. Salary Range elderly carer depends on the country where the work and skills. In Britain and Ireland is around 5-6 thousand polish zlotys a month net. In Germany you can earn around 4-5 thousand polish zloty net. In Italy, earning a 4-5 thousand polish zloty net. Often employers provide accommodation and meals. Most contract is concluded for one year and may be extended only in those countries where laws do not prohibit, such as England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

For most of the requirements for candidates to work for this position include:
experience in care, but not always. Most apply to work in larger care centers,
communication skills, patience, kindness, mental resilience, a willingness to help another human being,
Age 25-40,
good health and perfect physical condition candidate. Often required to submit a medical certificate on the absence of contraindications to that profession,
most employers require communicative language skills in oral and written.

The specificity of the work

Working in this profession is not easy and lightweight. Good mental and physical resistance is extremely important and necessary. Job requires sacrifices and tutor availability. Most take place in residential care facilities and private homes. Work is carried out after 8 hours per day and five days per week. The duties of the carer of older people must first of all: feeding, preparing meals, taking care of hygiene, taking care of the house, time assisted person. Just the range of activities concerned with all the assistance they expected a charge of daily life.

Babysitter (au pair)

Nannies, au pairs are different people who find work fairly easily in a united Europe. The fastest job in this profession get in: Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. The formalities for residence and work depend on the regulatory framework in the country of the European Union. To work as a babysitter you use at least a basic knowledge of foreign language. Working in this profession salary depends on the country in which you work, work experience and level of foreign language proficiency. Most amount of salary ranges: 2-6 thousand polish zloty per month net. As a rule, provide accommodation and meals by the employer.

Imposed requirements:
proven experience in the care,
good health (mental and physical resistance)
Age 30 years,
At least basic knowledge of foreign language.

The specificity of the work

Childcare is responsible activity which may be associated with their upbringing. It should above all be a person who has a large psychological resistance as well as the right approach to children. Responsibilities depends on the age of the child which are caring for. Typically, the main responsibilities of care and support to the trivial housework (cleaning, making meals, feeding, etc). Carer, of course, organize the time after the child through play, walks, and also receives them from the school. Work takes place in private homes, where children take care of the 7-8 hours a day, 5-6 times a week.

Carer of physically disabled, intellectually people

Most jobs in this profession is in such countries as Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. Employers require a good knowledge of foreign language, which is needed in order to communicate with patients and supervisors. Most employers helps any formalities required to work in their country. Contracts are usually signed for one year with possibility of extension. Earnings ranges from 7-10 thousand polish zloty Net (United Kingdom, Ireland) and 3-6 thousand polish zloty net in Germany (living expenses paid by the employer).

Imposed requirements:
psychological resistance,
good health
Nursing Education / Teaching
experience in health,
Age 25-40,
good knowledge of foreign language.

The specificity of the work

Work usually takes place in private homes or in institutions. Most carer is working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It happens that the work requires the clock care for the assisted person. In addition to care, to perform duties of a carer include household activities (cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.). Care for such persons requires a willingness to help another human being.

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